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Social Exposure isn’t just our business name – it’s our guarantee!

Social Exposure is a unique photo booth and experiential marketing company that uses state-of-the-art tech to connect brands and people, through meaningful and immersive social experiences. We want to change the way people see brands, one shareable social experience at a time!

We come up with out of the box ideas and use experiential marketing to produce activations that bring brands and events to life through shareable moments.

We take care of everything so there is no need to deal with multiple suppliers. We will lialise with and manage all event requirements so you can deal with what matters most – YOUR client relationship.

Two Men Wearing Animal Masks Party Club with Red Lights

We Create

  • Innovative, immersive and imaginative experiences using state of the art technology.

  • Connections & engagement through meaningful social interactions that change the way people experience brands and events.

  • Authentic, share-worthy experiences, turning marketing dreams into real-life experiences.

Australian Open

Chemist Warehouse


To create a bespoke activation which engages audiences inside a Chemist Warehouse pop-up located at the Australian Open for 2 weeks.


Using our Social Video tech and a bespoke photo activation and set build, visitors to the Chemist Warehouse pop-up were given an opportunity to immerse themselves into the game and experience what it would be like to win the game and sign the camera. just like the players!

With intro, outro and audio attached to the video output, Chemist Warehouse reaped the benefits of user generated viral content, branding on each video and concreting an already well known sound and visual attached to Chemist Warehouse.


Videos – 7218

Shares – 12 418

Social Media Reach – 89 826

The Daily Aus


In 2023, The Daily Aus (TDA) decided to take the plunge and activate on a larger scale. We were tasked to assist them to create an immersive opportunity for visitors to align themselves with the brand and the event. 


Working with the team at TDA, a welcoming and engaging space was designed in the Pride Hub in a high foot traffic area at the AO. Attendees were given the opportunity to choose the news headline they loved the best & have their moment! With a choice of photo or video content which featured custom audio and a marketing outro for TDA. 


Videos and Photos – 3,700

Data Captured – 2,684

Social Media Reach – 789,136

Daily Aus Australian Open

AO Indigenous Storytelling Hub


The AO wanted to incorporate an instantly shareable photo moment using the visitors custom created indigenous animal on the overlay of a photo. Key KPl’s were customisation, data collection and high uptake.


This activation involved working with multiple partners and software to create one output. Visitors moved through the Indigenous Hub and coloured in their Indigenous Animals on a custom designed software. This was then sent to a large interactive screen for them to watch it come alive. The design was then used to create a custom overlay for photos which visitors took outside the hub and shared instantly.


Photos – 3,008

Data Capture – 1,609

Social Media Reach – 656,583

AO Indigenous Storytelling Hub
AO Kid Photo on the Green Screen Booth

Boost Mobile X Gold Coast Super Trucks


To create an activation to be held outdoors over 3 days which brings foot traffic to an event stand is engaging for all demographics and is completely branded.

Activation key KPl’s were survey data collection, lead generation and an immersive experience.


Using our Pro Studio Social, we set up a very bespoke and fun photo opportunity for eventgoers to physically get into a Super Truck and have their photo snapped with the output inserting them onto the track!

The photo was then shared instantly at the same time as capturing valuable lead generation and marketing data from everyone. The image and all touch points were branded for Boost Mobile.






Emails Captured


Social Media Reach


Boost - Social Exposure 2
man getting into the side of a super truck vehicle for a photo
Boost - Social Exposure 1

Flash x Comic-Con


To design, produce and event manage an immersive space for fans to interact with The Flash & DC Universe franchise across 2 days of Comic-Con.

Space to be centred around the release of The Flash Movie 2023 & although it was a requirement to have a digital, shareable moment, this was not to be the centre of the activation. More emphasis to be on fan engagement and immersion into the franchise as well as give-aways.


A 6×6 exhibition space was built which consisted of branded media walls, decal flooring, interactive lights which aligned with the themes of the movie and physical elements showcasing items from the franchise.

Fans were able to experience running through time and being immersed into the movie through a video activation that they could instantly share and upload to socials. After their experience, they got to spin the wheel on the photo booth and win a prize.


Competition Spins




Social Media Reach


Flash x Comic Con
Flash x Comic Con

360 Activations

Matrix x Oz Comic Con


To create an engaging activation to promote The Matrix: Resurrections movie across multiple locations over two weekend events. Activation to immerse event-goers in the multi-dimensional world of The Matrix franchise and to give them something to take away and share instantly across their platforms.

Key KPl’s for studio were data capture, social media traction and immersive experience.


Using our 360 Social Photo Booth, guests were invited to take their place on the platform and create their own unique 360 videoin amongst the iconic green digital rain.

The experience was made even more impactful with the addition of audio, slow-motion and other video effects.

The release date messaging was reinforced with the addition of a branded outro showing key messaging for Warner.


Photos – 1,231

Shares – 2,244

Emails Captured – 557

Social Media Reach – 192,217

photo taken from above to show a full stand set up for matrix with a 360 video booth

Dash Water x Melbourne Fashion Festival


Create a fun and engaging experience for a new brand looking to activate at Melbourne Fashion Festival over a 2 week period.

Activation to work at night and in a pop up space outdoors. KPl’s to centre around data collection and engagement. Social media traction was a bonus too!


Working with our creative partners, we set about brainstorming ideas. The client had a firm idea of how the event space would look and wanted an activity to keep people engaged whilst in the space but also draw people in from the event. Enter .. Social 360!

What better way to engage with existing and potential new buyers/customers, then to give them their moment on the platform – all whilst drinking the most amazing sparkling water. A simple yet effective experience getting the desired results – lines to get in, user generated content, viral posts and fun… lots of fun!


Over 1000 videos viewed
Over 3000 times and constant
Social media posting from the event generating over 400K of impressions.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

We’ve been partnering with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) for many years. The live in concert shows are something so incredible, you have to experience one to understand. The MSO value their loyal fan base and want to give them an experience each and every time.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Star Wars

Victoria Secret x Retail Activation


To create a visually enticing in-store activation for a well known brand. The activation needed to work within a small footprint, be engaging and easy to use and be branded and linked to a competition.

Activation to run across two days. Key KPl’s were data capture, social media traction to promote the product and engagement with a competition.


Using our Social Circle Photo Booth, branding it perfectly to match brand colours and the flower wall it stood in front of, shoppers were excited to find a photo activation to take part in.

Branded to promote their new fragrance Bombshell, shoppers were invited to share their photo to win a competition.


Sessions – 408

Shares – 688

Emails Captured – 130

Social Media Reach – 60,692

Victoria Secret - Social Exposure 3
Victoria Secret - Social Exposure 4

Event Design & Builds

Here at Social Exposure, we pride ourselves on offering clients a service which is unparalleled. We work with clients from the get go to understand their brand, their event and their vision. We develop ideas and concepts to roll out or partner with you to bring yours to life.From renders to recruitment and everything in between, we are your true event partner – a single point of contact for you, so you can focus on what matters..

With a team of professional, passionate and seriously creative people, we can just about do anything! We don’t mess about though – we are straight down the line, tell it how it is and deliver what we say we will deliver. On time. On budget. On point. Every time.

Barbie Box Booth
an image of a group of people in an expo
mothers day shopping centre activation with fencing and a sign and a flower wall


  • Photos/ GIF’s/ Boomerangs Social Video/ Video Activations
  • Social Mosaic
  • Social 360 Video
  • DSLR Photography
  • Roaming Activations Social Mover
  • Green Screen
  • Virtual Photo/ Video Activation
  • Long Term Installations
  • Morphing/ Shrinking/ Manipulation Photography
  • Al/AR
  • Digital Props/ Interactive Screens
Woman Dancing Music Festival Double Color Exposure Effect

What’s in it for You?

Event Integration

Eye-catching, engaging and meaningful activations with an element of sharable and immersive photography or video motivates people to share their experiences. This leads to maximum exposure for you that continues long after the event finishes. Every single touch point is branded and customised for your event – buttons, sharing sites, overlays, physical equipment and more. People remember a brand not by its logo but by the emotions and experiences associated with it. 91% of consumers say they have more positive feelings about brands after attending engaging events and experiences.

Online & In Person Exposure

Those who attend events and experiences are 98% likely to create social content and are 100% likely to share the content they create. Not only will people create and share content of the event but it will be uniquely branded to you. We can embed hashtags, add marketing stings and customise campaign messaging – sell and promote without being aggressive or ‘salesy’. Event-goers become your brand ambassadors.

Data & Statistics

Is there a point if you can’t measure ROI? Shareable elements and immersive experiences motivate and encourage people to share their details with you, allowing you to increase exposure and trigger those positive memories whenever they see your email pop up in their inbox. Get to know your audience – we provide you with a live event dashboard with demographics, sharing data, social media info & any customised data collection you opted for, including emails! Re-marketing at a much lower cost than google ads or other marketing channels.

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