Photo Booth Activations

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Photo booth activations for events that create instant engagement, shareability and viral user generated content. Take your event next level with experiential marketing solutions and photo activation ideas that are unique, immersive and totally awesome.

Instantly Shareable Moments 

Don’t Miss a Marketing Opportunity.

Are you planning an event and not sure about how you can amp it up? Are you weighing up including a photo booth activation but just not sure if you should? Are you kidding?

Sharing experiences on social media has become one of the most important parts of people’s lives! We live in a socially driven world and now is the time to make sure that you can reap the benefits of that! Utilising one of our photo activation options, we can bring your event to life and have it trending all over social media.

Utilising photo booth activation experiences or videos as part of your marketing campaign can absolutely ensure event KPI’s are achieved and marketing goals are kicked! It’s branded exposure in the form of an activation – memories, feelings and traction long after an event ends. These photo activation events spark excitement and an emotional connection that ensure people remember your product, service and/or event and develop a genuine connection with your brand.

photo station with a victorias secret logo on it set up in front of a flower wall and with lingerie and perfume props next to it
set of the friends photo activation with a branded photo booth and media wall and couch

Photo Booth Activations

Social Exposure & Experiential Marketing – The Dynamic DUO!

We use our industry experience, creative skills and state of the art technology to provide engaging and immersive photo activations and event solutions for brands and agencies, connecting them with their guests and customers on a whole new level.

With you, we come up with out of the box ideas and use experiential marketing to produce photo activations that bring brands and events to life while delivering instantly shareable moments. Our photo and video activations are designed to engage, providing people with an imagination fuelled experience that won’t be forgotten. People remember a brand not by its logo, but by the emotions and experience associated with it; and with a creative memorable activation that gets people involved and sharing, your brand will translate beyond its physical product, annual event, or niche service.

We utilise a range of different ways to achieve all of this – from our photo booth options through to our brand activations and event design and everything in between. We have roaming options, static options, green screen and full 360 videos. We will partner with you to develop a campaign that ticks all the boxes!

Benefits to You?

Glad You Asked!

man getting into the side of a super truck vehicle for a photo

It Actually Works

Otherwise, why would we dedicate a whole business to it? 91% of consumers say they have more positive feelings about brands after attending engaging events and experiences; and to top that, guests are more likely to purchase a product or service after attending a live marketing event. Even better for you, you can sell and promote your brand without being aggressive or “salesy” – because no one likes a space invader! Humans crave that genuine, immersive experience, and when brands give them something exciting and different to talk about – they don’t stop.

close up of someone holding a phone showing a sharing microsite with branding

New Ways of Sharing

Word of mouth referrals are a powerful motivator. Activations with an element of sharable and immersive photography or video motivates people to share their experience – leading to maximum exposure for you, that continues after the event is finished. Talk about getting maximum bang for your buck! User-generated content – marketing gold! Those who attend events and experiences are 98% likely to create social content and are 100% likely to share the content they create. Not only will guests create and share content of the event but it will be uniquely branded to you!

family having their photo with green screen branded for movie release

Brand Interaction

Who doesn’t love loyalty? Build loyalty between your brand and its customers new or old by establishing and fostering connection through experiential marketing. Connections, whether they be in person or online are fleeting! Future generations are favouring brands that utilise humanised marketing over direct selling, opting into testimonials and reviews from real people just like themselves! If they feel a connection and human response from your brand, they are more likely to interact with and come back to you. Event activations are the perfect place to put this into practice and the setup options are truly endless!

laptop image with statistics showing as the image on the screen

It’s Measurable

Ugh, there is nothing worse than creating an extravagant event and not being able to find or analyse any results- especially after you’ve invested a large amount of your annual budget making it happen! Measuring success couldn’t be easier with us. This type of marketing is all about awareness and engagement and with the tools and technology used to amplify the activation, you can accurately measure its effectiveness! Shareable elements motivate guests to add their information into your marketing database, allowing you to increase exposure and trigger those positive memories whenever they see your email pop up in their inbox.

What we offer is way more than a stationary photo booth at your event. We do some crazy stuff and work with a range of international, imagination fuelled brands! Think carpool karaoke activations, green screen videos, custom animations & shrinking people!

How Does it Work?

man and woman in a green screen photo with a Brighton beach background
two woman dressed up for a digital gaming event holding weapons posing for a photo with a borderlands background and overlay

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