Virtual Photo Booth

A Photo Booth That is Online, Global and Completely Customisable.

Our virtual photo booth creates branded content for any event. Whether it’s for a completely on-line conference, an in-person event that needs global reach or an activation that requires access from absolutely anywhere!

Global Reach

Access From Absolutely Anywhere!

It’s an effective and scalable way to connect with audiences anywhere, all at the same time as creating branded content to be shared instantly. It’s accessible on any device with a camera and web browser. 

With its capability to produce viral content, it’s perfect for online events that aspire for widespread reach. A perfect solution for online events, remote teams, guests who can’t attend in person and global, long running campaigns. 

Virtual Photo Booth Hire

Connecting People Virtually

Want to add a photo booth onto your event but don’t have the budget or space? Want to increase reach and visibility?

Our completely customisable virtual photo booth hire connects people to your event or activation anywhere and anytime. An event and experiential marketing solution that gives people an opportunity to engage with brands, events, campaigns and activations without the need for an onsite photo booth or even on-site event!

phone screen showing different ways the virtual photo booth can be set up
a laptop with pink background and a gif wallpaper
gif showing different options for the sharing microsite on a virtual photo booth


Encourage engagement and interaction. 

screen shot of the website page showing the virtual photo booth activation

Scan or Tap.

The Choice is Yours!

All people need is a QR code to scan or a link to tap – it’s that easy!

Integrate our virtual photo booth with your campaign or event and create a platform for engagement that is endless. Our virtual photo booth works anywhere there is internet. Include a QR code on backdrops, signage and websites to encourage use.

A virtual photo booth to power your event and marketing campaign. Global domination.

hands holding a phone scanning a barcode
close up of a hand holding a mobile phone showing an instagram page

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