image showing what the snowy white tropical wall looks like

Flower Wall Hire Melbourne

Fresh. Stylish. Unique.

We don’t just hire photo booths in Melbourne, we have a range of flower and hedge walls available to glam up your event or add as an enhancement to your photo booth package. Our flower wall hire Melbourne options are high quality and look stunning!

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Stand in Style

Any Event. Any Venue.

Our flower wall hire works for weddings, grand entrances for corporate events and events at the office. We have options that can be dressed up, used as is or styled with signs, neons and other customised elements. All of our flower wall hire Melbourne options are available in both 3×2.2m size or 2.2. X 2.2m size which allows for a range of different venues and locations!

hedge wall set up with white flowers running down it with a wooden seat in front of it and a photo booth to take pictures
flower wall set up inside a white picket fence with other decorations and a photo booth for a mothers day event at a shopping centre
tropical wall set up at madisons birthday event with a red carpet in front of it
flower wall set up next to a window at an event with a photo booth and printer in front of it
Social Mosaic Square

Get in touch with our team for a quote or to discuss some options! If you don’t see what you like, get in touch! We are always looking to expand our range! 

image showing what the ruby rose flower wall looks like

Ruby Rose Flower Wall

A romantic blend of red, white and pink flowers to make a bold statement at an event. This gorgeous flower wall is sure to impress. It’s suited to all types of events from weddings to corporate galas.

image showing what the blush rose flower wall looks like

Blush Rose Flower Wall

A versatile neutral flower wall filled with cream, white and blush peach tones. Our elegant flower wall is perfect for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, runway shows, and corporate events.

image showing what the tropical wall looks like

Tropical Wall

A fun and fabulous tropical wall! This versatile green flower wall has an assortment of lush green foliage. Dress it up with florals or signage or use as is! This flower wall provides a dense, lush and natural look and the photos are amazing!

image showing what the red tropical wall looks like

Red Tropical Wall

A colourful variant of our tropical wall, this lush wall throws a bit of colour onto the wall! Still versatile and gorgeous, it can be dressed up or left as is for a stunning backdrop to any event!

image showing what the snowy white tropical wall looks like

Snowy White Wall

A fresh and light variant of our tropical wall, this beauty allows for some subtle colours whilst still keeping the tropical look and feel. Our snowy white tropical wall can be used as is for gorgeous pictures or be dressed up to include some other colours to suit different styles and events.

image showing what the hedge wall looks like

Hedge Wall

Our Hedge wall is simple but striking! Sometimes a hedge wall is all you need but feel free to ask about flowers, signs or other ways to spruce it up a little!

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