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Innovation. Artistry. Mastery.

We love designing, we love evolving and pushing boundaries and we love exceeding expectation! Through a deep understanding of the importance of branding, we create graphic design assets that delight the senses.

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Design Delights 

Graphic Design Experts. 

Digital marketing and graphic design are the backbone of our business. Creating visual content which brings your brand to life and encourages social engagement is what we do best!

We take your brief, bring it life with creativity, skill and innovation and transform it into something more than you imagined. Whether it’s an image, animation, invitation or media wall, our team of design professionals will delight the senses and exceed your expectations. We’ll get to know your brand, understand your vision and ensure the outcome is on point, every time. Our team are the masters of their craft and create designs that are distinctive, unique and remarkable. 

What Do We Do?

an image of a group of people in an expo

Exhibitions & Expo Stands

the different backdrop ready for the photo booth

Backdrops & Media Walls


6x6 Halloween Ends Activation

Renders & Event Design

Social Mosaic Square

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man and woman smiling at their photo on the screen of a photo station set up outdoors

Visual Wonders

We Know What Looks Good. 

We create unique art work, graphics, animations and branding that encapsulates the essence of your brand, event or product. We partner with you to create perfect cohesive designs to wow customers, event-goers or clients because we understand how important this is. The absolute value of brand image.  

Communication is the key. We get to know you. We get to know your brand and we make sure we understand your vision. The graphics, design, animations or art we create is striking, unique and reflects our passion. We are not only talented graphic designers, we are event experts as well – the dynamic duo of marketing! 

Our creative team thrive on fun and challenging briefs. Working from a short or small brief to create something with a huge impact! 

Stand Out From The Crowd!

Our team of professional graphic designers have you covered. Whether you need a custom photo overlay made for an event or a large media wall for print, we can produce what you need. Leave the design work and creativity to us and focus on what you do best. We will provide options, edits (not that you will need any!) and unique designs to pick from.

Our graphic designers are skilled in all aspects of design work, including animations, logos, media walls, branding and renders. We can even produce promotional videos. We understand how important it is to stand out in a saturated market. How essential it is to wow people visually and excite their senses at every turn!

We’re a visual activation agency that combines the best of both worlds – event design and build & graphic design. We provide a full service to clients with some or all of what we offer.

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