The Value of Photo Activations and Photo Booths For Your Event

Are you looking to make your event stand out? Are you trying to create a unique, memorable experience for audiences that will have them talking long after the event is over? Lucky you’re here with us – we’ve got you covered! 

Photo activations and photo booths have become increasingly popular for brands and events to reach their target audiences. With the increased use of social media and platforms such as Tik Tok, people are constantly sharing images, videos and experiences online, creating a unique opportunity for brands to capture their audiences’ attention. The good old user generated content! 

Is there a difference between photo booths and photo activations? Absolutely! But you can be forgiven thinking they are the same thing. After all – they both take photos. But we do more than that – we aren’t your every day photo booth company. We have crafted a perfect mix of technology, creativity and engagement to create experiences that bring to life events and connect people and brands. 


A photo booth is equipment that takes photos in front of a backdrop at an event – a wedding, birthday, engagement party and the like! You can print photos, share digitally and even add on some fun props and filters! Works well for the average party and event. 

A photo activation is an experience. It’s an opportunity to engage people in experiential marketing activities and events that spark the senses and bring about positive change and positive connection. It may very well be with some of the same equipment mentioned above but it’s amped up and amplified 10 fold to create some of the most unique and memorable experiences and events you could ask for. Oh.. and it’s not just photos! 


Engagement! Every brand and event organiser wants their guests and loyal fan base to walk away with a smile and tell everyone who will listen about their positive experience or how much they love something… leading to more sales and leads and building their brand image and fan base.

Photo activations create user generated content that can be shared across multiple platforms which has been proven to increase engagement and offer your brand or event even more exposure. Platforms will favour people posting about their experiences and interactions with a brand more than they will favour a brand posting about their own brand (well… unless you throw A LOT of money at the platform for paid advertising!). 

Building that positive association between your brand and the community – both potential tribe and already loyal tribe – is essential to increasing your reach. The word viral is just that.. You have an opportunity to influence many more people with a photo activation attached to your event or brand activation because it promotes sharing and makes it very easy for people to do! #whatareyouwaitingfor 

From simple setups featuring a branded photo at an event to more immersive experiences such as a 360 video booth or augmented reality, the ROI and impact will far outweigh the cost. Photo activations are measurable and valuable in terms of the data they will provide for future marketing activities. 


Social exposure isn’t just our name, it’s our guarantee! We provide experiential marketing services designed to create an immersive brand experience. We are you true event partners and can take care of everything. From event planning and ideas to renders and right through to recruitment, we are your single point of contact so you don’t need to stress. We know branding and we know events. Our team of creatives will understand your vision and your brand and bring to life an experience that is one of a kind – our events are never the same. We create custom solutions tailored to any event or campaign, no matter how big or small.

We have Australia’s largest range of equipment and we only deal with the best. No cords running out, no tripping hazards and no 4 step processes! Guests enjoy themselves at a seemless event which looks like your brand. Our staff become your staff and we take pride in what we do. 

We bridge the gap between storytelling and social media by providing interactive platforms for guests to capture unique experiences and share them with others through

digital mediums – increasing engagement levels and boosting brand awareness along the way! People want an experience and that is what we provide – pretty darn well!! 

Our team of experts work together to create custom solutions tailored to any event or campaign, no matter how big or small. So what are you waiting for? Partner with us and extend the meaningful connection to even more people!