5 Tips to Boost Your Brand Engagement This Holiday Season

5 Tips to boost brand engagement.

Spreading the holiday joy this December through unique events and brand experiences.

It’s that time of the year again! The festive season, the holiday season. Christmas time!
Whatever you call it, whatever you celebrate, it’s the time of the year everyone hangs out for! It’s
another opportunity to show your appreciation to loyal customers, staff, and clients and offer
them a rewarding experience they won’t forget. But how do you go about making your event
more memorable? How will you drive engagement?

Read on as we guide you through tips to boost your brand engagement and throw a fantastic

Capitalise on Christmas Whilst Ensuring Inclusion

Christmas Whilst

What better way to get your loyal tribe into the spirit of things than by capitalising on Christmas?
Whether you’re a retailer, service provider, or employer of choice, you’ve got a chance to shine
this season.

But before you go all-out with your marketing strategy, consider those who don’t celebrate
‘Christmas’. For some, it’s annual leave time only. There is a religious meaning, and for others,
again, it’s a time to shop and be merry! Be inclusive and be sure to promote inclusively and
tailored messaging for all.


Brand activations are an effective way to engage customers during your holiday event. By
creating an interactive experience that reflects your brand and tells your story, you can create
memorable experiences and leave a lasting, positive impression on them… and their tribe.

Consider having a photo booth activation that is fun and engaging but includes core elements of
your brand, such as logos, colours and style. Make sure to have plenty of visuals and engaging
activities for people to interact with to amp it up!

Have staff members wear branded apparel to welcome guests or engage passers-by. Give a
takeaway and delight the audience or even a discount or gift! Surprise and delight! This is a
great way to increase engagement and incentivise people to spread the word about your brand
and its offerings this holiday season.

Leverage Experiential Marketing, but keep it light & fun.

Experiential marketing is about creating meaningful connections with current and potential
followers, customers and fans by providing them with unique experiences they can immerse
themselves. During your holiday event, consider setting up interactive displays, games, or
contests that encourage people to learn more about your brand while having fun at the same
time. It’s been a rough year, and people want to let loose and have fun!

For example, you could run a spin and win or scratch and win the competition at the end of their
photo or video, or run a contest for best green screen photo upload using your hashtag. This is
fun and engaging and allows people to interact with your brand and share the fun for others to

Set-Up Photo Booths

Photo booths are always a hit at any event and will help you capture memories for years.

Two people took a picture on a photo booth.

Use some fun digital props to get people smiling and having fun with the photo booth, and
customise the photos themselves to ensure your band and style are front and centre whenever
anything is shared! We all want to know who is having the best events around town! With instant
digital sharing, the photos will go viral in no time!

Utilise Social Media platforms and make sure your event is share-worthy

We all know the power of social media. It’s a great way to promote your business and help you
get more people to your events and make them aware of your brand.

The best part about using social media to promote your events, brand & products is that it’s free!
Cost-effective marketing and free brand ambassadors! All it takes is a little bit of planning and
some creativity! Make sure you have a hashtag to measure, monitor, and link everything back to
your brand. Give people a reason to talk!

Four women took picture on photo booth.

We have touched lightly on ways to boost your brand engagement this holiday season. There
are so many more ideas and so many more ways to amplify your brand and event! Whether
you’re looking to create an experiential marketing campaign or host a Christmas-themed event,
there’s something for everyone! It’s so easy to get onto the Nice list this year!

We know it can be overwhelming, and we know you’re busy – it’s December! So we’re here to
help. Just reach out and get ready – Social exposure isn’t just our business name. It’s our