Boost National Campaigns with a Photo Activation

branded green screen activation for a sporting event

Photobooth Hire Boosts National Campaign Reach

Every 25 seconds across Australia, a blood donor does something incredibly special – they save lives. National Blood Donor week is all about celebrating these legendary donors… Approximately half a million of them to be exact!
So, when the Australian Red Cross Blood Service reached out to us to help them celebrate their invaluable donors, we knew we had to do something special. Read on for more insight into how our vision panned out- and with some creative photobooth hire how this helped the Red Cross reap the benefits of more than just celebration.

The Activation

To bring this celebration to life we provided a completely branded social photo booth and custom designed green screen for each event location, along with brand ambassadors to run each event and engage with the long-time blood donors. We kept each event short at about 1.5 – 2 hours and even had Billy Blood Drop (the Red Cross Blood Service Ambassador) make some special appearances.

The Execution

With an event in every state across Australia, it’s no secret that this activation was going to require many staff, lots of equipment and numerous moving parts. Luckily, we have trusted staff and resources all around Australia. Allowing us to provide our service in any state without having to white label to other companies or outsource to staff and providers that we don’t know.

So what’s the benefit of this? When we send our staff out to a job, they represent the core values of our business: trust – in our brand, solutions and our clients, authenticity – in our experiences and interactions, excellence in our service delivery and standards, as well as reliability – in us. We have complete control over the event without any hidden nasties or having to deal with a multitude of different vendors. In short, it allows us to run a tight, well-oiled ship!

The Results

Bringing our social media photo booths and green screens to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service helped to celebrate their loyal donors.
However, it also did so much more – it grew their audience through a bespoke, immersive experience and let everyone know that #bloodsaves.

After each event, the Red Cross was delivered dynamic and easy to understand data on total sessions, social reach, shares and impressions, gender, age and even the number of people in photos. The data doesn’t stop there though – as a standard, clients can log into their own client portal to monitor the campaign and statistic increases for up to twelve months. They can truly see the return on investment in real time. But we’ll let the stats do the talking… For the Melbourne event alone, the Red Cross received 601 social shares, impressions of almost 16,000 and a social reach of over 5,000!

If you’re ready to reward your loyal customers, grow your audience or simply need something fun to please the crowd, take a look at our photobooth options and ask about the bespoke activations we can create.