Bringing Brands & Events to Life in 2023

Bumblebee Robot and A Girl At Com-Con Sydney

As the new year is upon us, we think it timely to take a trip down memory lane and look at the massive year we had in 2022 after a really difficult few years. It was a challenging year for many in the events industry, clawing their way back after the pandemic hit.

With all the restrictions and working-from-home rules, an appetite for people to connect again arose through 2022. This surge in demand for events meant experiential marketing activations had to rise to the challenge – precisely what Social Exposure did this past year. We’ve always believed in the power of events to bring people together and give them a sense of belonging. So while the world was fragile and finding its way forward, we were busy building connections through immersive experiences that helped people feel part of something again.

This year, our team leveraged our experience in photography, technology, innovation and design, which assisted us to create some amazing event builds and put together some awesome events. From extravagant experiential installations to smaller retail builds – we have helped to bring brands and people together in meaningful ways that encouraged sharing and connection even amid challenging circumstances.

We worked on more event builds than ever before which was a real highlight for us. It meant we grew as a team, expanded in size and ability and grow our capabilities and scope to meet those needs. It was indeed an exciting year full of growth for us here at Social Exposure.

The Bob's Burger Movie BoothOne of our notable projects from 2022 was our Bob’s Burgers installation. In the middle of a fab year, we were asked to create an experience where excited fans could feel part of the cult animated series. In preparation for the release of Bob’s Burgers in July 2022, we built a section of Bob’s Burgers for people to visit and snap their photo in. It was a clever mix of physical elements to build the set and replicate a scene from the movie and creative and innovative tech and graphic design to finish the output off to look amazing. Find us someone who loves the show who doesn’t want to take a seat in the booth and feel like they got served in Bob’s burgers! Not only were people given a chance to connect with the brand, the movie and the characters in a physical sense, they were able to share their experience instantly which also provided social media exposure, valuable data collection and cost-effective marketing. Our installation was set-up at the Premiere Screening Event as well as at Jam Factory for a week.


Bumblebee Robot and A Girl At Com-Con Sydney


It’s hard coming up with only one amazing project we worked on so allow us to indulge and share the Transformers Event that was one of our biggest builds yet! The brief was simple – build an expo stand for Comic-Con Sydney to encourage guests to interact with the new Transformers: Earth Spark. We knew it had to be tailored to kids and adults (we’re all big kids!) and look & feel in brand for the enduring franchise. We went about designing renders and options – things have to be just right! Then styling the space was the best bit – units to house things to look at, spaces and furniture to touch and interact with figurines and even some really mobile and flexible games and give away options! Oh and let’s not forget huge media walls, actual size Transformer cutouts, the life size BumbleBee and flooring to suit! We didn’t miss a beat.



Floral Backdrop at Mother's Day Selfie Station

We’re just going to throw a really quick and fun one in there too! Plus, we all love a little appreciation for someone special in our life. Our Mother’s Day/Special Person Day installation at Stocklands Craigieburn was a delight to work on. Giving shoppers a chance to snap a picture for or with their mum or special person in amongst a gorgeous, inviting set. Who wouldn’t want to share that and tell the world of social media how much you love someone! And yes… that means instant marketing and advertising for Stocklands about what a fantastic place to shop it is! Rewarding shoppers with that surprise element which is free and engaging – brilliant! Tell me a business or brand that would say no to activation that yields a Social Media Reach of 57, 685 and insights into demographics of shoppers and stats and campaigns they can track.


These are just a few examples of what 2022 involved… but much more is in store for 2023! Our mission is simple: to create memorable, shareable moments where people can naturally engage with your brand or event and create viral user generated content which achieves your goals. So, this year we plan on taking things even further. With our team of professionals dedicated to crafting high-quality experiences every step of the way, you can be sure that your event will leave a lasting impression. We constantly push ourselves to stay ahead, innovate beyond belief and deliver on budget, beyond expectations and in brand.

As we move into 2023, partner with us to take your brand or event somewhere new, somewhere creative and somewhere that pushes the limits a little! Create stronger connections and more connections than you anticipated. Our team is always ready for new challenges in crafting memorable, shareable moments. So, reach out if you want us to partner with you to make a unique and strong mark in 2023!