Charity Social Media Marketing

close up of branding on a photo booth and blurred background of people posing

Creating a strong and recognisable brand is essential for any business. Effective charity social media marketing is an engaging way of making your not-for-profit familiar and worthy of attention. While it’s clear what benefits branded marketing can have for corporate clients, it is less clear how this can benefit areas such as the not-for-profit sector.
Despite the great variety of not-for-profits, few have made an impact on the public consciousness. Big businesses have the resources for mass marketing, but what can the little guy do?
One of the greatest marketing tools is social media. Interacting with consumers directly through these platforms leads to higher conversion rates, better customer satisfaction, and improved brand loyalty, while also being incredibly cost effective. Despite this, many charities have avoided the social media landscape. This is unsurprising: although it is estimated that 96% of marketers use social media, 85% are not sure which tools to use effectively. It’s easy to have a Facebook page – managing one is a different story!
Using social media is a quick and easy tool for charities to connect with supporters, boost donations, and reach potential volunteers. It offers advantages that traditional mediums – print, radio or even websites – simply can’t, such as rapid fire sharing. It also allows consumers a peek at your fun side: sharing photos or updates from fundraisers, staff events or holiday shenanigans shows your company is approachable, trendy and exciting!
In the first half of 2018, Social Exposure partnered with multiple charities to bring their events to life. One of these brilliant events was the Tuxedo Junction Charity Ball in support of the Cancer Council Victoria. By providing a wide variety of social media options we not only encourage brand recognition and cause awareness, but provide a permanent keepsake for guests to enjoy over and over again. Our photo booths can be custom tailored to any event to maximise community participation, brand awareness and social media traction.
Help others see the bigger picture with Social Exposure! We’re experts at developing charity social media marketing plans.