Implementing Digital Marketing and Measuring Effectiveness

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Is Digital Marketing effective? And if so- how do you reliably measure its impact and effectiveness? To understand the answers to these questions, you need to understand what digital marketing is. How do you implement a successful campaign? Here’s some insight into marketing online.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing – is a form of marketing that uses an electronic device or the internet and encompasses a variety of online channels such as social media, marketing automation (or email marketing), search engines (think Google and Yahoo!), blogging, paid advertising and a whole host of other websites.

It encompasses some of the disciplines of traditional marketing methods – building product awareness and using a predefined strategy to court new customers to the point where they are ready to be clients who pay money for what a business offers.

Interestingly, The Guardian reports that mobile phones and tablets have overtaken desktop computers- so digital marketing should be effective at engaging consumers on whatever device they’re using to browse. Also, different products and services have different levels of associated risk as perceived by prospective clients- so there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to planning an effective campaign.

The main objective of Digital Marketing?

To make sure your business has an online presence; to build brand awareness, process sales and of course, ensure your business is one consumers can trust.

Examples of Digital Marketing

There are many different types of Digital Marketing. We delve a little deeper into the main four below.

Social Media Marketing:

This type of Digital Marketing involves the promotion of your brand through social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter in order to increase brand awareness, grow a loyal customer following and direct traffic to your website. Forget flyers and mail runs, social media is a quick and relatively free or inexpensive way to get the word out about your brand. There are two types of Social Media Marketing: organic (free) and paid – and both will boost your brand or specific products/services in different ways. Photobooth hire for corporate events extends the reach of your function or brand activation event way beyond the people who were present at the time.

Marketing Automation:

Otherwise known as email marketing, Marketing Automation is an automated approach to your everyday marketing activities. This type of marketing makes monthly newsletters, new stock arrivals and “you’ve left something in your cart” emails possible. When done well, marketing automation can even help with the generation of leads.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation:

You may have heard people call this SEO, and it is the process of optimising your website to rank higher in search engines (like Google) which will ultimately increase the amount of organic traffic to your website. SEM is quite simply paying for your website to rank higher when people search for certain words or phrases of your choosing and you pay per click.

Content Marketing:

Think blogging, infographics, articles and even long-form thought leadership. This is any content that you write or design that will hook prospective customers in, and typically can live across any of your Digital Marketing channels.

How Is It Effective?

Unlike traditional marketing which features in print advertising, cold calling, radio ads and billboards, Digital Marketing appears solely within online channels. With the average time spent online being approximately 5 hours and 4 minutes in January 2019, Digital Marketing’s effectiveness comes from people spending more and more of their time online. With the wide variety of Digital Marketing platforms available, the ability to be creative and analytical is endless.

Our Digital Marketing in Action

We understand that Digital Marketing is important, that’s why we’ve kept it top of mind for all of the services that we offer. Our photo booth equipment and tech is geared for digital sharing and the “insta-worthy” pictures and boomerangs are bound to gain social media traction, ultimately helping you to grow and foster your following. On top of this? Digital Analytics are a key part of our offering, and we deliver dynamic and easy to understand data, as well as giving you access to your own client portal where you can monitor your #SocialExposureAU campaign and see the return on investment, real time!