Wedding Planning Stress Free!

bride looking at her photo on a screen selecting to print it

There’s no secret to a perfect wedding but from the point of view of someone who has been involved in hundreds of weddings over many years – the simpler you make things for yourself the better. So, here are my top 3 tips that’ll ensure your big day runs smoothly and the planning process is a dream!

  1. Get organised!

Whether it’s keeping a diary of I-do-day tasks, a to-do list or a big file full of receipts – organisation is key to a successful, stress-free wedding. Digital programs such as Excel are a great way to set a budget and stick to it. It’ll also allow you to see where and if you can afford to splurge on a few extra special items for your big day or even the honeymoon. There are plenty of online tools specifically designed to help you organise and plan your big day with style and pzazz. Allseated is perfect for planning seating arrangements and WeddingHappy is an app that allows you to make to do lists and store important wedding info in one convenient app.

2. Don’t waste time with a million different vendors!

The less people involved in the planning and supplying for your wedding the simpler and less stressful your life will be. There is no need to unnecessarily complicate your big day with 10 or more vendors this is sure to lead to confusion and catastrophe. Over complicating your wedding will not make it more perfect, in fact some of the most beautiful weddings I have been to are the simplest. There are plenty of options for one stop shops that can help you with multiple parts of your big day or refer you to other vendors they’ve worked with and can vouch for. This is how you get a stunningly cohesive look while saving time and money. From photo booths to flower walls to neon signs and arbours, there’s simply no need for your phone to be ringing constantly when you can get it all in the one place. While we may not be able to relieve you of all the stress involved in planning your wedding we can take the complication out if it with a range of WEDDING PACKAGES designed to suit your needs.

3. Chill out! Avoid taking it all on yourselves.

There’s no reason why planning your big day should be anything less than an exciting experience and a cherished memory. Of course that may seem like a dream to many and I know that without proper help it can soon turn into stress filled disaster. Whether you enlist the help of family and friends or a professional team, make sure that you and your partner aren’t trying to take it all on by yourselves. Take time for just the two of you, to be a couple and enjoy the ride, after all that’s what bought you to this moment in time. Hiring a wedding planner or event coordinator is a great option and can really take the pressure off as well as providing a neutral third-party opinion for making those tricky decisions. Social Exposures event coordinators can help you with everything from flowers to photo booths and everything in between. And if we can’t do it, we can recommend someone who will exceed your expectations. Let us manage the tough decisions and hard work while you and your partner can relax and enjoy the journey. Plus, if there’s a problem you know there’s only one number to call to get the ship righted again.

It is possible to have convenience without sacrificing your vision when it comes to planning your wedding, you just have to know where to look! Social Exposure can organise and source everything needed to fulfil your wildest dreams for your big day, so give us a call!! We have also created a downloadable “Top Tips to Personalise Your Wedding Day”. Check it out on our gorgeous wedding photo booth page!