Measuring the Success of Your Event

woman holding avengers ID card from an event

So you’ve just hosted an event. Congratulations! How do you think it went? Did you get a positive vibe, or do you feel like it could have gone better?

Post-activation, there are a few ways you can measure whether your event was the best or a bust:
Did you meet your budget? This one is quick and easy. Did you meet your anticipated cost and revenue? Did you make more money than you spent? While going over budget or not meeting your anticipated revenue are not immediate indicators that your event wasn’t successful, it can give you a general idea.

Did you meet your KPIs? You likely already have established Key Performance Indicators in your workplace, and you may have established some before the event. These could have included interacting with a certain number of guests, reaching particular time goals, or signing up a certain number of customers to a mailing list. Did you meet these goals?

Are you monitoring social media? During and after the vent, your social media impact will be an important indicator of whether guests enjoyed themselves or have any feedback for you.

Have you asked guests about their experience? A quick post-event survey can be a great way to get feedback directly from guests and collect important data. If guests had a good time you’d want to know right? Even if they had a bad time, you’ll want to know why; was there a technical issue? What could be done to improve it next time?

Have you received more, less or the same amount of sales/bookings post-event? Most of the time, the idea of an event is to generate a conversation about your brand, translating into revenue down the track, however, there are many ways your event can succeed or fail besides monetary values.

Tracking each of these measures of success will help determine what was done well, what can be done better, and how you can plan for the future. Social Exposure partners with our clients to make sure clients reach all of their success milestones! Our services help you track your progress from start to finish, from number of shares to number of sign-ups. After all, for a successful event all you need is a little Social Exposure!