How Photo Booths Create Social Media Exposure

group of people sitting on a couch for a friends event

Do you feel like your brand isn’t getting the attention it deserves? Maybe you want to host an event but don’t want to conform to the usual fanfare. What if i told you there’s an exciting and innovative way to gain exposure while receiving priceless marketing data and event analysis to determine your ROI.

In business you need to make sure you’re increasing the visibility of your brand. Brand awareness is essential in keeping you top of mind with your audience and getting the hype you hoped for. If you want to be remembered – you’ve got to do something different, out of the ordinary, something refreshing! Let your imagination guide you. Whatever the idea, bring it to Social Exposure and let’s create an adventurous event activation that will not only put your brand in your audience’s mind but keep it in their memories!

You’re probably wondering how you’ll get all this amazing attention from one event? There’s a whole list of benefits to hosting brand events but we want you to know about a tactic that not only works during the event but also a long time after. We’re talking about branded exposure! 

Branded Exposure

Brands can over-promote and end up hurting their reputation by clogging up their followers’ news feeds. When your brand has an element of mystery you will intrigue your target market into coming back for more, putting your brand in higher demand. This doesn’t mean you should step back entirely though, being underexposed can put your brand in stealth mode and no one will see you! Instead, be more calculated when posting content and show off the best parts of your brand, in particular, the joy fuelling events it hosts that show off its trusting relationship with its customers and the great experiences it fosters. Branded exposure is all about getting your logo, image, message, and purpose out there to attract those who align with your branding. Social media is a great way to do this during events, add in a photo booth and this tactic becomes a game changer! 

Let’s get to the good stuff! How can I make branded exposure work for me? Social Exposure makes it easy! When you hire any of our experience creating photo booths we offer you a priceless branding opportunity. Imagine your logo all over the tools used; camera, props, back drop even our team’s clothes! We can customise all of the photos with custom-designed graphics and animations specific to your event and brand theme. This tastefully placed branding then makes its way onto the images taken which are then shared all over social media to be seen by all the friends, family, co-workers and even acquaintances of those who posted! There you have it, you’ve been exposed!

We know it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with content creation and producing that wow factor needed to catch people’s eyes as they scroll through their congested feeds. But that’s why Social Exposure is here. We have so many options of photo booths that create so much amazing content its ridiculous! The best part is, your audience can post it straight from the event, while you get to sit back and watch your brand make its way into the social media sphere and into the minds of those watching the action unfold at home.