The Photo Booth Re-imagined

Titanic Photobooth Reimagined

Since their beginnings in 1889, photo booths have been one of the most popular attractions at events and parties and it’s still a well sought after enhancement to events even in 2023! There is a good reason though! With the surge of technology and social media, it has become more than just a smile and snap; photo booths have transformed into something capable of creating experiences that engage people and generate buzz in a way that people did not even imagine when they first were developed!

As technology advances, the iconic photo booth has also advanced. In size, in shape, in ability and in levels of entertainment! Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, photo and video activations can be used to capture moments as well as create conversations through engagement, interaction and shareability. Being able to utilise all the senses whilst using a photo booth and taking part in a photo or video activation is like nothing before – if done right!

So.. how can a photo or video activation or a photo booth take your event to the next level?

Embedded Hashtags & Instant Sharing

One of the best features of modern photo booths is the ability to share photos directly from the event. With instant access to people’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using embedded hashtags, what more could you want in terms of ROI? This not only helps promote your event but it spreads the positive brand association in real time and the reach is massively increased to a wider audience than that of the actual event goers.

Branded Content

By adding custom branding elements such as logos, banners, or wording to all content/output, your marketing budget is instantly reduced and your reach instantly increased! Your brand will be trending all over social media. Not only that but along the way, there are customisable touch points for event goers which also offer additional branding space, campaign messaging and links to URL’s.

User-Generated Content 

User-generated content (UGC) is an effective marketing tool that allows brands or companies to leverage their customers’ experiences. People are more likely to trust reviews from other people when it comes to making purchases or attending events.

With all the possibilities modern photo activations provide for events, it’s no wonder why they are quickly becoming one of the go-to options for creating memorable experiences that stand out from the competition! Every event needs that shareable moment… remember, pics or it didn’t happen!

From embedded hashtags to instant sharing of branded content, it goes without saying that a photo activation will enhance any event. Photo booths are no longer simply taking pictures; they are leveraging technology to create unique experiences that bring brands to life through experiential marketing. At Social Exposure, this is something we specialise in and are passionate about.

Media Timeline AnalysisWe create unique experiential marketing solutions through our cutting-edge digital photo booths which fuse photography, technology and design together. Our signature product combines a striking booth design with advanced camera equipment allowing us to capture high-quality images while providing our clients access to real-time data analytics.

Combining creative ability with our interactive technologies allows us to develop custom experiences tailored specifically for our clients which help brands create deeper connections with audiences.