User-Generated Content and Photo Booths

people enjoying getting into a boost super truck for a photo

A match made in heaven

Has there ever been a big event you wished you were invited to? Maybe your favourite band is playing and you can’t make it. Great! Now you have to hear your friends go on about how much you missed! Or do you? Imagine being able to witness all the action no matter where you are! Enjoying an event used to be limited to those who were physically there. Now, social media has made it possible for everyone around the world to experience it too, whether you’re at your desk, in bed or on the bus, you won’t miss a thing.

User-generated content (UGC) is a great tool for brands when it comes to events! It allows attendees to show off all the action and fun so no one misses out. Think of it as consumers promoting your brand rather than you having to do it yourself, it also gives you a whole new audience to cater too.

How does this benefit me?

User-generated content brings authenticity to brands through real human connection. Customers love to share their good times, if they have a positive experience with your brand they will inform friends and family through their posts, this makes creating joy all the more important. Let your audience get to know you and your product or service in an honest way to build a personal connection and paint your brand in a positive light.

Content creation is time-consuming and can be expensive. Online referrals offer cheaper and easier ways to gain exposure and attract new customers, it allows you to grow your business without occupying your time. Trust us when we say people are always posting! On average 60 million images are uploaded to Instagram daily, how many of these will be about your event?

Social Exposure provides brands with engaging activities focused on a shareable element. We do this to attract attention to your brand and encourage your audiences to be a part of all the fun. Our photo booth options also encourage event attendees to create content, building even more brand awareness for you.

Broaden your reach and strengthen relationships! UGC can build authenticity for your brand by allowing your audience to hear from those who have used your product or services, they know you love your product but it helps to hear it from people they can relate to! The images and videos posted online of consumers boasting about your offering also give audiences visual proof of the quality and benefits, used in a real-world setting.

Having access to demonstrations and reviews from real people builds trust between audiences and brands. We can’t imagine why a brand wouldn’t want to come across as honest, approachable and trusting, so add this human element!

NBN might not be what we were promised but thanks to the internet UGC offers brands fast exposure. Event content can be shared in a matter of seconds with no limit to the number of people it can reach! This can drastically boost your engagement and spread your brand name even further.

UGC posts see a 28% higher engagement rate than standard brand posts; while 85% of people find UGC more influential than brand content. If you’re not already utilising UGC you are missing out on a whole new world of fun and effective content creation.

What’s next?

Brand experiences are easy to create, but you want to be producing genuinely exciting, shareable experiences to take the cake! Social Exposure offers brands the opportunity to bring their imagination to life and create exciting insta-worthy event activations.