Virtual Christmas – Naughty or Nice?

laptop image with Santa and a young girl jumping

What will Christmas look like this year? With so many changes to the way we move around our areas and the way we shop, this is definitely something top of mind! While restrictions will likely ease by Christmas, life will look a little different and the way people will shop, connect and celebrate may look quite different. While there is still so much we don’t know, from a marketing perspective we can be sure of a few things.

More people will continue to be online more often

Between working from home and minimal outings, you can be sure that more and more people will be online….and spending far more time browsing than ever before. This is where there’s an opportunity to engage with your tribe and help them in a positive way to celebrate the special moments in life! Virtual events and digital offerings are the ‘new normal’ in engaging your customers and creating shareable moments and user generated content. Consider our Virtual Social Booth for a moment – all the fun and engagement of a photo booth activation, without leaving the lounge room.

Consumers are interested in the heart of businesses

More than ever people want to get to know each other, connect to a brand and more importantly connect to the why, not the what. This connection can happen in person, at an event or it can happen online with branded content. Imagery and storytelling is so powerful and utilising it to tell your brand story is essential in this time of digital connection.

Content is still King (or Queen)

How brands are viewed, talked about and shared on social media is more important than ever. The biggest change now is that content needs to be more engaging, more shareable, and more memorable than ever before to cut through the chaos. You need to stand out from the crowd! Engaging in a smart and tailored way ensures user generated content is branded and working for you.

This year, memories may not be positive and moments may not be ones to shout about but brands can be the difference. Creating memorable moments for customers, giving them the experiences they are longing for and the opportunity they can create themselves. 

Don’t be a Grinch this Christmas – spread the digital joy!