What are Shareable Moments, and Why It Is A Key To Successful Brand Activations and Events

Tap to Start Camera with Ring Light

As a company that specialises in events, brand activations and experiential marketing, we know that ones with shareable moments stand out. From unique photo opportunities to interactive experiences, these moments create a buzz on social media and leave a lasting impression – both personally and digitally.

But what is a shareable moment, and why are they crucial when planning events and activations? Well, let’s pose another question – how many times have you seen a post with the hashtag spelt wrong? A photo was taken at an event with something not quite right in the background or a filter that interferes with brand colours and style. Or what about a blurry and aesthetically displeasing image with the event name or brand attached to it? All too often this happens… for one simple reason – there is no control over the output and there is no carefully designed and crafted opportunity given to eventgoers to take a picture or share their experience in a structured, controlled and engaging way! This is a shareable moment – an opportunity for guests to instantly share their experience with the proper branding, the right hashtag, the right look & the right feel which aligns entirely with the event, key goals and campaign messaging.

Shareable moments are those moments that people can’t help but share on their feeds. By offering a shareable moment, you engage with your audience and grow your audience, and you can be absolutely guaranteed that the output is on brand. That’s not all, though.

Measurable Data

Analytics MetricsOne of the most significant reasons events and brand activations need a shareable element is that it provides something to measure. What does measure attendance show? What does measuring volume show? How do you measure sentiment? How do you follow up and see how the campaign is tracking 1 day, 1 week or 1 month down the track?

Our shareable moments are measurable and they come with a whole dashboard full of stats and seriously cool data to monitor including social media reach.

Increased Exposure

People are busy… they’re looking for easy options and instant gratification. A shareable moment gives them just that.. Delivered straight to their phone/device, there is something insta worthy and ready to share! No thinking, no time to add effects and colours and ‘pretty it up’. It’s all done. A simple push of the button and you have increased your exposure instantly.

It creates buzz and excitement around your event, brand or product. Activity breeds activity. One simple experience can go viral very quickly! According to Eventbrite’s 2020 Pulse Report, 98% of Gen Z and millennials use social media at events, and 62% share their experiences on social media. This highlights the importance of creating shareable moments and capitalise on this audience.

Embedded Hashtags

We’ve all seen it! One letter is wrong and it can mean the difference between going viral for the right reasons or the wrong reasons! Don’t risk it. Our tech allows us to embed hashtags and ensure the right one exists. People don’t have to even think about it.

Not just that, but it’s measurable, tangible data. It also gives you a valuable opportunity to engage with your audience and people who are sharing your content and seeing your brand.

Creating shareable moments as part of an event or brand activation is essential to the planning process. It’s top of the budget. More critical than catering! Our tech and our abilities means you will have high-quality content attached to your brand. That’s pretty lucky, considering that according to a study by Curalate, images with high brightness, high saturation, and low levels of texture are more likely to be shared. We know our stuff, and you get the benefit of that!

Look at our recent Australian Open activation with The Daily Aus. . How else could you have a social media reach of 246, 138 without a well-crafted shareable moment attached to an activation…? Let alone be able to measure it!

Having shareable moments at events is essential in achieving success because it offers a reliable way to not only gain traction and share experiences but also to measure. So, when planning your next big event or activation, factor this into your plans & partner with us!